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Earn Crypto with Gemly

Gemly Game earn daily profit

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Withdraw - 89%
Deposite - 67%
Support - 85%
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 Earn Crypto with Gemly

Earn Crypto with Gemly Hyip in Guide.

Gemly or is an economic game with the withdrawal of money without points and investments

in which you need to buy characters that will fight with different heroes and bosses in automatic mode

you only need to enter the project and collect the profit that goes immediately to the withdrawal.

Gemly Project Marketing

There are only 11 types of characters in the game

the most expensive of which costs $500 Gems course in the game

1000000 gems = $1

Affiliate program Gemly

2 level referral system (5%/2.5%) gives you the opportunity to receive additional income from attracting referrals.

With each replenishment of the game balance by your referral, you receive a percentage of its replenishment.

Training and introducing earning Crypto with Gemly

Gemly PLay to Earn
Gemly PLay to Earn

Dear friends, in this section of the site, we are at your service by introducing and teaching how to earn dollars with gemly.

If you are interested in online and exciting games and want to earn money in dollars or euros

read this article with Follow carefully, gemly site is a game and advertising site where you can earn free dollars in this game, just register, send your hero and soldiers to the field, kill monsters and earn dollars in return.

Stay with us with the complete training of this attractive site, the important points and parts of this site will be presented in full and with a picture in the rest of the article.

Register on Gemly

Register on Gemly
Register on Gemly

To register, click on the registration link.

After entering the site, press the SIGNUP button.

You can enter the game by entering the requested information and activating your account with the email you entered.

In the game, you can collect diamonds or gems, you can convert these diamonds into dollars, euros, or rubles and transfer them to your account.

You can also buy stronger soldiers with your diamonds and build a better army. And finally earn more money.

Video tutorial on earning dollars with Gemly

Dear friends, the Gemly site has two menus, one is related to the game and the other is the main menu, where we introduce the sections of these two menus and the work of each, as mentioned, considering that by registering and logging into your account, it is equivalent to 100K diamonds.

You can enter the game directly, so first we will go to the main menu in the game and then the main user menu on the site to collect more diamonds and gems.

Note: I would also like to point out that in order to receive your amounts in dollars, euros or Russian rubles on this site, you need a Payeer account.

Introducing the menu and main parts of the game on the Gemly website

By entering the site and pressing the Play button, you enter the game section on the Gemly site, the game on this site is very simple

you just need to have diamonds and hire heroes and soldiers to destroy the giants and monsters, first from the bottom section at least Recruit 5 primary soldiers called Ancient Ent.

Click on the RECRUIT button several times to open this section.

Other soldiers and heroes are in the same section. You can see their specifications and prices by scrolling.

How to collect Gem and experience in Gemly game

How to collect Gem and experience in Gemly game
How to collect Gem and experience in Gemly game

By purchasing the first 5 soldiers, the main part of the game is available. As shown in the image below, click on the top menu and press the Collect button.

The amount of diamonds collected will be added to your account along with the experience of each fight.

You can do this several times a day.

Play the game and build a stronger army with the collected diamonds.

To get better diamonds, you can view the site’s ads.

I will explain how to do this later, so read the article to the end, increase experience.

And the user level gives some features to your account and your warriors, which I will mention in the continuation of the activity.

Introducing the menu and user sections on the Gemly website

If you play the game for a while and spend 100,000 diamonds, you will realize that you need more diamonds to continue the game.

Through the training in the next section, you can earn even more than the amount of the donated and daily diamond bonus, it is enough to advertise the site.

view and perform the requested activities, of course, you can have more powerful fighters directly by charging your dollar account, these methods are explained in the following.

In the end, I hope you will make the most of this good site and game, which has good potential, and if you have any questions or commentsbe sure to ask them.

Other matters will be presented and completed in the comments section of this post. May you be successful and victorious.

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