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Castalt is a Hyip project from an experienced admin

Marketing 3% per day for 15 working days. Deposit from 40$

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Castalt is a Hyip project from an experienced admin

Castalt is a Hyip project from an experienced admin Hyip in Guide.

An investment Hyip project with a high interest rate and with the possibility of withdrawing a deposit at any time with a small commission that pays off in 3 days.

The project was implemented very well, the website, design, personal account and excellent technical part were worked out. In principle, as always with this administrator.

It started up kind of quiet, but people started discussing it in chats and personal accounts from the start.

Castalt is a Hyip project
Castalt is a Hyip project

And it is true, the admin’s accent is recognizable and the behavior of investors is logical.

But the admin does not buy listings from the start, so most likely we will not see a large amount of advertisers, at least at the beginning of his journey, which is good.

Castalt Hyip Information

Official website
Category Superior Sites list
Start day 04/6/2023
Date added to the blog
Investment plan
3% daily for 15 business days
Minimum deposit
Minimum withdrawal
Withdrawal fee
Withdrawal type
Payment methods Bitcoin Investing Hyip ETH Investing Hyip LTC Investing Hyip USDT Tether Investing Hyip BNB Hyip Invest BUSD Hyip INvest Tron Hyip Invest doge coin Staking invest
Other information Hyip DDOS Protection Hyip SSL Hyip Script
3% – 1.5% – 1%
Insurance fund 0$
Our Deposit
Refund 3% deposits
Information on Monitors
H Metrics Hyip Monitoring

Investment Plans of the Castalt project

Marketing offers investors one plan, for a period of 15 working days.

Interest calculation on weekdays. You can withdraw your deposit at any time.

Investment Plans of the Castalt project
Investment Plans of the Castalt project

Withdrawal fee: 10% of the deposit The commission will be deducted from the deposit at the time of its withdrawal.

Deposit term: 15 working days

Minimum deposit: 40 USDT / 0.003 BTC / 0.4 LTC / 90 XRP / 500 Doge / 600 TRX

Maximum deposit: No limits

Interest rate: 3% per day For 15 working days your income will be: + 45%

Review of Castalt Hyip Investing project

The project works with several popular cryptocurrencies, as well as USDT stablecoin.

What is good is that the volatile crypto is not converted into dollars, and therefore, you can increase it in the project.

Referral program in the Castalt Hyip project

Referral program in the Castalt Hyip project
Referral program in the Castalt Hyip project

Active affiliates can earn a percentage of referral deposits up to 3 levels deep.

Also, every Saturday you will be credited with 1.5% of the active deposits of your partners of the first level.

That is, your referral invests once, you will receive the first 3% of his deposit.

And then every Saturday another 1.5% while his deposit is active, but only if it is made before Saturday.

If the deposit is made by the referral on Saturday, there will be no accrual.


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